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Bar area, Burning man 22 © Sahar art camp


Main Patio, Burning man 22 © Sahar art camp

Kaïma spaceship

Chandelier, Burning man 22 © Sahar art camp

Retranscribe the architectural experience of the Foudouk revisited by the Sahar Art Camp. 

The design is a rectangular shape with a central courtyard allowing interactions between the different inhabitants.

The exterior facade is surrounded by tents called Khaimas (traditional Moroccan tents).

To break the traditional side of the Khaima, a corrugated iron will surround the roof of these tents. By the rays of the sun, the roof will shine during the day, and by colored luminous led, will light up in the evening, giving this aspect of desertic space ship.

The only access is by a single enchanted door.

Be mysterious, create a visual appeal, inspire curiosity in all passers-by.

Did you ever walk in the old medina of Marrakech, and ask yourself:

What is behind this door?

Interactivity plays on curiosity.

Tea ceremonies, Burning man 22 © Sahar art camp


Khaïma, Burning man 22 © Sahar art camp

Final design.jpg

Plan of
the camp

Sahar art camp 2022 © Atelier Abla Bichara 


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