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cosmic No Mad

Burning Man is a place of exchange and interaction but also a consciousness opening. Our camp will offer holistic workshops during the week for the inhabitants.

La Mama

Coffee cup reading

For La Mama, Burning Man will be a first experience where she wants to share with people their true self, their hidden self-expression, and their ability to connect and reflect on the past, present, and future. 

Turkish coffee cup reading is not only a form of fortune-telling, it offers to people the experience to give and receive energy. Open-up areas to gather in a safer space. 

Reading all burners’ souls will increase their ability to connect. It will reflect on all moments we will share and experience together as not only during that moment but will remain part of us. 

Her contribution to Burning Man this year will engage soul-bounding and free action. It will lead to creating a sheltered space. Burners will desire to enter our Arab world. 
Important practices that she is conscious and sensible about to make the coffee will contribute to the power of the readings.

Initially, she works in a small coffee shop in Dubai where  people rather travel to visit her but this time, she wants to travel to us.

Mathilde Deer

Holistic Healing • Reiki Master

After a PhD in Pharmacy she decided to travel the world to study the different ways to cure the body & mind without chemicals but rather from a holistic approach, holding space for people to heal themselves. 

Using essential oils, reiki, yoga, mediation, thaï massage,metaphysics, breathwork or plant medicines as a toolbox. 

To go along with the idea that we don’t need something outside ourselves to experiment different states of being, she will share some of the practices she created from her experiences.

Mathilde Deer.jpg

Hakim Huzz

Tattoo ritual


Huzz is a Jordanian artist that instinctually dedicated his life to the Art of tattoo. 
He is using Arabic calligraphy as the beauty of the lines that shaped his life. 

The projected vision of Huzz consists of dedicating an experience ritual Tattoo to the inhabitants while visiting the Sahar Art Camp. 

Huzz will offer tattoo with Arabic calligraphy that represents the essence of holding meaning for positivity and a spiritual cleansing mark.    

In contrast to the «Leave No Trace» policy at Burning Man, The Tattoo Huzz ritual proposes 
to “Leave A Trace”  under the skin of the people.

Hakim Huzz.jpg
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