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our dancers

Sahar art camp will be inviting  performers

to share cultural dance.

Zineb Boujamaa.jpg

Zined Boujamaa


Zineb Boujema is a dancer-performer, model and actress born in Meknes, an important ancestral town in northern Morocco. 

Her parents lead “ordinary” lives, distanced from the world of art.

Introduced to classical dance by none other than Juliette Feurebach, Zineb discovered a passion that quickly turned into her path life. 

In 2017, she began contemporary dance and saw her field of expression.

In addition, passionate about cinema, she participated in movie projects with Moroccan directors such as Nabil Ayouch, Hicham El asri.

It is through the world of dance that she was able to find her way as much as a human being and an artist. 

It is very often led by the quality of the movement, the sense of rhythm and all her ancestral heritages.

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