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Sahar art camp will be inviting many worldwide musicians

moslty Moroccans.

Pascale Caristo

HeARTist Universal Singer

In 2013,  Pascal created and managed for 2 years in Ibiza, a 400m2 underground live music venue, dedicated to heARTs and heARTists in service to the grand rising of our civilization. FUSION STUDIO was a conscious experimental lab’.

The studio was always full and attracted prestigious international heartists and audience.
At the top of its success, Pascale, nomad by  nature and blood, clotured the experience to take the road again and give the focus to her singing life. 

Today she lives in Tulum, Mexico since 5 years, where she plays ceremonial concerts in the most beautiful venues and environments.

With her nomadic experience of singer and studio, she is now creating COSMIC NO MAD. A reflection on our times, an experimental and visionary mindset, a stand for universal peace and wisdom.

Santiago Bartolome.jpg

Santiago Bartolome

trumpet player - artist 

Santiago Bartolome is an artist, curator, producer and trumpet player. 

From this background, he perceives and lives his explorations through intuition to create, using his own language, a sound cartography where acoustic vibration cohabits with the electronic component. 

His trumpet is the instrument used to experiment different atmospheres and blur territory borders, becoming an essential tool to transform reality. The irreverent and enigmatic work of this musician is based on the “quest for sound”, as a constant, versatile and possible evolution.


Moroccan underground Dj

Her journey has taken her from the Ocean district of Rabat to the North of France where she brought her family Chaabi music to the shabby bars. Currently based in Paris, the Moroccan born DJ keeps on refining her sound between the music of the western world and the futurism of techno. Eight years later, she has made a name for herself on the decks of La Bellevilloise, La Concrete, La Friche Marseille and Yukunkun in Beirut.


Dressed all in black, cap screwed on her head, ebony lipstick and silver nails, the DJ determined to take the other side of the Mediterranean for a purely sensual and radical experience. Why ‘Glitter’? “I collect sequined socks, she laughs a little embarrassed. And the two symbols next to it represent the number 55. It is a Moroccan expression: “Khamssa wkhmiss”, which against the evil eye.


Martin Masakowski

Bassist and luthier

Martin was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. The son of a musical family, Martin's emersion in the arts began from a young age. He spent his youth studying visual arts and transitioned into music at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts high school. Martin went on to study jazz at the University of New Orleans before moving to The Netherlands to finish his bachelor’s in music at the Rotterdam Conservatory. He spent the following years touring with an Eastern European folk band, the Balcony Players. With them he explored over 20 countries in Europe, performing in clubs and festivals and also visiting Roma gypsy villages to study their music and culture. As a result of his travels and the influence of his family and his city, Martin’s musical styles span across jazz, folk, classical, electronic, experimental, Eastern European and Indian genres. Inspired by years on the road with an upright bass, Martin's most recent endeavor was the design and building of his own custom travel bass, with future plans to produce his own line of instruments to meet the need of traveling musicians. In 2019 Martin received a Masters of Jazz Performance from the University of New Orleans. He is currently back home in New Orleans, performing regularly at clubs such as Snug Harbor and The Spotted Cat while continuing to develop and push the rhythmic and harmonic boundaries of the double bass.

Martin Masakowski.jpg
Photo Mia Tulum.jpg


 DJ and producer

Molyness, a German-Moroccan Montreal-based DJ and producer, is making a name for herself through her music and creative sounds, inspired by the artistic abundance of traditional music. Her will to the improvement and increase of women’s participation in the electronic scene, in Morocco and worldwide, drives the artist to share and show the power of her identity.

Navigating through rhythms and tones mixed with groovy basses and four to the floor kicks, her multicultural background offers listeners a musical and escapist journey. In 2017, she moved from Morocco to Montreal to pursue her passion for 

electronic music, attending Musitechnic sound engineering program. In pursuit to furthering her knowledge, Molyness is perfecting her technical and creative skills in Concordia University's Electroacoustic Fine Arts Bachelor.


The evolution of her artistic career is closely tied to her live performances, her interactions with the crowd, and the energy that they embody. For the blooming DJ, it's all related to these types of connections.By altering the status quo and creating this particular musical merger, Molyness 

always strives to be aware of what good music means, how to perform it, and getting as much from the audience as she gives.

La Hasna

independent performer  musician

LaHasna is an independent performer musician, and artist born and raised in Italy, originally from Morocco based in Milan.


The music will speak for her and for everybody so enjoy the discovery.

La Hasna.jpg
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