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our videographers

Sahar art camp will be inviting videographers and photographers 

to leave a trace of the experience in the heart of the campmates.

Style Beldi

content creator

Karim Chater, content creator, photographer, and videographer, shakes up the codes, mixing aesthetics eighties and Casaoui cachet. 

From the popular Casablanca district of Sidi Moumen, he walks in the footsteps of Hassan Hajjaj or Joseph Ouechen, also from the same slum and self-propelled in the fashion world. “There are a lot of positive energies in working-class neighborhoods,”defend Chater. 
Almost unconsciously, he finds himself rehabilitating the image of the areas ghettoized in Casablanca. 

There is also a form of reappropriation of cultural codes popular, recently annexed by fashion or audiovisual production. If some magazines or European music groups will slum in bad neighborhoods famed for simulating the illusion of a thrill, Style Beldi talks about what he knows. It’s visceral and sincere despite the performance, almost naive in his benevolence.

Karim Chater believes that: «It’s up to us to defend our image and take up space». 
And to add: “I like when foreigners show a beautiful image of the country, but I always tell myself that we should also succeed in doing it. »


He does not claim to be an artist, nor a real model or stylist. Karim Chater is part of this generation of autodidacts who need to explore to exist and who refuse labels.



Photographer - Videographer

Soufiane Lachguer aka Therocket,  is a  Moroccan freelancer Videographer and photographer. 

He is based in Casablanca and in the last few years, he has traveled around the country, working on a variety of projects mostly for a lot of Influencers. He was a member of the team that shot music videos for many new rising stars.

Since his childhood, he always had a dream to become an editor,  photo & videographer. He showed a massive interest in everything that’s related to cameras. 

His passion is to share his vision with people around the world and to make a special touch in my work that brings good vibes & positive energy to people.

Samir Langus

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