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cosmic No Mad


Mad magic lighting experience.


The new envisionment of the universal nomad and humanist singer, Pascale Caristo. 

She brings to the playa for the COSMIC NO MAD studio. 

A reflection on our times, an experimental and visionary mindset, and a stand for universal peace and wisdom.


We embrace all cultures and ethnicities with great curiosity. We invite indigenous elders, guardians of our ancestral memory. 

This experience is hosted by beautiful ascended spaces, attending to have our own moveable structure, that will be a modern version of a Berber tent or geodesic. 

COSMIC NO MAD will host master musicians in service, to fusion and improvise music of the spheres, elevating the frequency field and opening the heart of humanity.

Together we unite and experience the bliss of this union.

We are creating here a spaceship of ascensional state of consciousness. 

We are here to share awareness of our cosmic reality, 

Reflecting our infinity and self-responsibility as free creators. 

We are the No Mad and we serve our mission.

© Sahar art camp 2022

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