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Morocco is a tree whose roots go deep into Africa yet breathes through its leaves in the world.

We trust in the power of its culture which through its beauty, authenticity, and art, keeps inspiring many of us,

But far too many are those who, through the 
cultural appropriation of Morocco, forget what are its roots, and therefore its history. 

Our mission is to give back the Moroccan culture to those who rightfully belong to it, starting with its nomadic culture.

Our mission is to create an extraordinary experience, 
reminding contemporary societies so paradoxical in their development that nomadism is the source of 

Give voice to those who have been in mute for far too long, 

Allow them to share their art internationally, 

Working in symbiosis with the absorption of this 
heterotopia called home,

That once carried out in the body, will allow them to deprogram their visible or invisible borders.

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The idea of Sahar Art Camp flourishes under the dust of Black Rock City where the two co-founders of the camp, were strongly inspired by the instant nomadic soul of the city. 

Yasmina Zriouil and Rime El Guermai, co-founders of the Sahar Art Camp, bonded and deeply welded since their young age, started to conjure up on local art, music, architecture, food and traditions. 

Both growing up in Marrakesh, they have always been surrounded by profound magic, yet sometimes buried or in most cases mystic, arcane and backdoor.  

who we truly are, where we belong, where we come from. Who are they? 

We are them, and they embody our shadow, representing our own selves. 

Let’s fuse, let’s be radical.

Let’s grab, hold, and spouse the roots of Morocco. 


Our neck of the woods, our community. 

What we will not experience again, will remain part of us.

The Sahar Art camp will be representing the eternal Moroccan culture behind which are hidden, several nomads. Behind this radical self-expression is embraced.  

Listen to the sand's stories

The sahar art camp will happen at the Burning Man 2022.



Nomadism is a major trait of Moroccan culture.

The people from the Sahara later move from oasis to oasis and it is even said that a real Sahari would recognize by the texture of the sand, his geographical position.

The Kingdom of Morocco has for hundreds of years built its prosperity and power on the caravan trades. Their routes, linking Saharan Africa to southern Morocco, was punctuated by fondouks.Places of rest and exchange where the convoys stopped to refuel, feast, and trade. 

The fondouks were gradually replaced by private houses and warehouses as traders became more sedentary and prosperous.

Today, the city of Marrakech has for instance 140 fondouks which are essential buildings for the inhabitant’s life of the medina.

Their unique architecture is closed on the outside but open on the inside with a central courtyard, uniting all nomadic souls of Africa.

The spirit of the fondouk


But, if the spirit of the fondouk is not transmitted, it can also die. 

How then to make it live again? How to revitalize and reinstill it in the minds of a new generation that tends toward a nomadic lifestyle in a contemporary world?


The foundouk will then become a place reappropriated and its essence transformed in the respect of its culture.

The most sensible message will be sent: a place of gathering and sharing for all the nomadic souls of Black Rock City.

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Like the sand, this dynamic substance, can appear, disappear, and transform.

The spirit of fondouk is defined in our design as the relational dynamic between material elements (landscapes, heritage objects, inhabitants) and immaterial elements (rituals, values, smells, sounds).

This combination becomes both physical and spiritual.

The space produces meaningfull emotion, mystery and is significantly integrated into the mind of the visitor.

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